matchpoint usa proudly manufactured in the united states of america


matchpoint usa innovative modular holster accessories proudly made in the USA

MatchPoint USA isn’t like other companies. First and foremost we care about innovation. How can we solve the problems of Law Enforcement, Military, Hunters, and Concealed Carry Permit Holders? That’s the issue that gets us up in the morning.

We want to make carrying a firearm an enjoyable, safe, and comfortable experience. Take the challenge, try a MatchPoint Holster or Accessory and feel the difference. Our modular platforms and holsters allow you to customize the way you carry, change your cant, and easily access your gear, wherever it is. 

IWB, OWB, Chest Carry, Holsters, Backers, Belt Loops, Accessory Mounting Plates & Platforms,
to Precision & Speed Iron Sights and Glock Locking Blocks all proudly Made in the USA.


Our EDC-Pro backer is ergonomically shaped, allowing for a full purchase on your firearm when drawing. Having an ambidextrous design, the EDC-Pro and Ultimate Backers are ready to use for both the RH & LH shooters, right out of the bag.


What is the TAC-Book?⁠ ⁠ The TAC-Book is a stand-alone organizer for all your EDC Gear. If you have ever been plagued with loose items rolling around in your center console, glove box, or pocket, the TAC-Book can help!⁠ ⁠ Each TAC-Book has the ability to mount on the inside & outside, either with Chicago posts & screws or by weaving shock-cord through the voids for a quick tether system.


Anyone else getting out to practice social distancing today?


Did you know our Ultimate and EDC-Pro backers have a tapered design. This provides more cushion for the sweat guard region, all the while remaining much thinner overall than its natural leather backer counterparts.