Mission Ready

High Tech

Our firearm accessories and carry components are only constructed using the absolutely highest quality materials, most of which are designed and engineered in-house.

100% Modular

Our holsters, accessories, and carry options are designed to work together in a 100% modular system. Add magazines, knives, multi-tools, flashlights, or other accessories.


We want our customers to make their holster their own. That's why we engineer the ability to customize your MatchPoint gear yourself with simple tools to fit your body and to fit your personality.

Made in the Pacific Northwest

Our high tech manufacturing facility located in the small town of Granite Falls, WA provides quality jobs and economic development. We are proud to source, engineer and manufacture our parts 100% in the USA. MatchPoint USA is commited to small business manufacturing and we appreciate your support.


MatchPoint USA strives to improve all procedures and processes that will lead to quality and improved efficiency. We make a team effort to further our knowledge & education in the manufacturing industry. We provide creative and innovative solutions for all kinds of firearms and firearm accessories. We focus on leading the industry, by pioneering inventive and progressive techniques.

Edgematch iron sights

Federal Firearms Licence

Our FFL (Federal Firearms Licence) has allowed us to create recievers, barrels, stocks, and all kinds of other firearm parts for major manufacturers

Our company is now working towards using our FFL along with our extensive experience in engineering high tech polymers to solve new and exciting challenges for our military, law enforcenemnt, civilian defense, and first responders.