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If you are looking for a more accurate Glock, producing tighter groups at the range or in competition, then MatchPoint USA’s Glock Locking Block is a must try.

19, 23, 32, 38 (3-Pin Prior to 2013, Up to early GEN 4)




  • 17-4 Stainless Steel Billet Certified Materials, 44C Rockwell Hardness (+/- 2) for durability.
  • CNC machined from solid billet
  • Manufactured in a ISO 9001 compliant facility.
  • Highly controlled tolerances and radii in critical areas.
  • Maximum amount of bearing surface achieved by eliminating draft angles required for M.I.M. parts.
  • No surface treatment required.
  • Greater potential for increasing shot to shot accuracy.

High-Quality, Unmatched Accuracy

One of the greatest things about Glock pistols is that available aftermarket parts are in abundance. Many of these parts have been strictly OEM, but MatchPoint USA aims to change this with their new precision machined, match-grade locking block for Glock Pistols. MatchPoint USA’s Glock Locking Block is machined to stricter tolerances than a metal injection molded (MIM) OEM part, ensuring a more predictable, and consistent lock-up. Standard Glock OEM Parts are metal injection molded. The metal injection molding process binds the material with glue, that when heated, melts together with the metal particles.

The Glock Locking Block from MatchPoint USA is machined from billet 17-4 stainless steel with a Rockwell Hardness rating of 44C, hard enough to last a lifetime of shooting round after round. Machining the part with these exact tolerances also maximizes the total amount of bearing surface possible with the barrel lug which helps aid in wear resistance in addition to providing a more secure lock-up. MatchPoint USA is the original designer and manufacturer of this fully CNC machined Locking Block. We also specified the proper material and hardness, tolerances, prototyping.

This is why our quality and craftsmanship is second to none.

4 reviews for Glock Locking Block – Compact

  1. M.Worrell

    It’s so hard to find the early Gen 3 Glock 19 locking block but this product at this price is the absolute best!!!! I ordered this online and received it a day early from the west cost to the east coast. Installed it immediately and headed to the range. The tolerances are tighter than the Glock one I replaced. This one is snug internally and externally. Fits like a glove! Shoots super tight.workmanship is 10! I couldn’t be happier with this hard to find part. Another online Glock parts house wanted $47 bucks since it discontinued from from Glock. Due yourself a favor buy it here you won’t regret it !!!!!!!!! Did I mention this part is awesome!!!!!!!!!! Thanks Matchpoint for taking the time to make a Uber quality part for a nonexistent part that you have to have for early gen3 19’s!!!!!!!!

  2. Kylie Osborne (verified owner)

    Matchpoint really came through for me on this one. Literally my first ever order with them; order placed late Sunday night (8/8) and received in the early afternoon today. (8/11) Product itself looks great, nice and shiny brand new billet locking block. I have yet to install it into my frame but I’m sure everything will line up and I probably won’t experience any issues as far as tolerances go. All in all, I’d order from here again. 10/10 experience, thanks sincerely from a customer for life.

  3. joeymdelgado (verified owner)

    My Gen3 G23 OEM trigger block finally broke. I had a hard time finding a replacement OEM part but thankfully I found MatchPointUSA. I emailed them to ask about the fit with their medium trigger block and Amy got back to me right away indicating that it will fit. I immediately placed my order. To my surprise, Justin emailed me the next day asking for a photo of my broken OEM trigger block to ensure that I had ordered the right part. He confirmed I did and the order was shipped out right away. I received it in a week and installed it right away. The fit and finish on their trigger block was much better than the OEM part. I got to function fire my G23 during training, shooting from unconventional positions in the dirt and dust, no problem. The trigger block performed flawlessly. I want to thank Amy and Justin for their great customer service and all who had a hand in making this trigger block. I highly recommend this trigger block from MatchPointUSA for its performance and reasonable price point.

  4. Jason Scaletta (verified owner)

    These blocks are machined to exact and perfect tolerances. My life depends on the equipment I use. I’m a contractor for a DOD PMC. When I’m down range I prefer a Glock 19. I have a custom frame and this dropped right in and everything works smooth. I bought for another Glock build I was doing just for target shooting. This works perfect in a non OEM frame. Again dropped in and everything worked smooth. The customer service is excellent. They communicated with me on a holiday and gave me options to have these parts by the end of the week. If you own a Glock and plan on upgrading or need to make a fix, I recommend this company. It’s product are great and it’s customer service is excellent. I’d buy a whole build kit if they offered it.

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